The Goods Bake Shop

It’s back! The second annual Oakland In The Black holiday shopping and community homecoming, and The Goods Bake Shop will be vending at Nneka!!

On Black Friday, skip the big box stores and come join the fun in Oaktown. Let’s congratulate several of last year’s pop-ups and vendors who have signed leases and are permanent stores as well as discover hidden gems and new shops.

Plus we’ve got a fashion show, live performances, and local DJs + vendors, stores, restaurants, and galleries. 

Maps of local independent shops will be available at downtown businesses to guide you through your discovery.

Please add your friends to the invite list and encourage them to add theirs, as well. This is going to be the greatest holiday shopping season Oakland has seen in a long time and so let’s make sure we benefit from it, too!!

In the season of holidays and family let us remember our larger community family. The economy is brightening but uncertain and keeping a small business afloat is still a mighty effort. Oakland’s local independent stores and artists are creating the vitality and buzz everyone is talking about. Come get to know them and see what rich offerings are right in our back yard. Each dollar we spend in a local store helps keeps them “in the black” and around for us to enjoy in the future.

We all benefit from creating a thriving sustainable local economy. Let’s support our independent neighborhood businesses. Shop for the holidays, enjoy your community and performances, and feel good while doing it.

Come out and celebrate. Come out and hella love Oakland!!

About Us:
We are a small group of local residents who believe in being actively involved in supporting our community and want to build a sustainable local economy by spending our money where our hearts are with our neighbors who are doing amazing things.
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